Law & Order: SVU EPs Tease 'Healing' Season 24 for Benson (and Stabler?), Introduce Newest Cop on the Beat


Capt. Olivia Benson, welcome to your season of #selfcare.

Law & Order: SVU‘s precinct boss is known for being stalwart in the face of hard-hitting blows, both personal and professional. But the NBC procedural’s Season 24 — which gets underway Thursday as part of a history-making, three-way crossover starting at 8/7c — will afford the Special Victims Unit boss and her co-workers some much-needed space to process.

“This show’s already had a two-tiered message, one of justice and one of moral complexity,” showrunner David Graziano tells TVLine. “And there’s going to be a slight third message, and that’s going to be one of healing.”

Executive producer Julie Martin adds that the real-world experience of living through a global pandemic has left its mark on the unit’s officers, as well as the community they police.

“It’s just tapping into the zeitgeist of what’s happening in New York City and across the country and across the world,” she says. “I mean, people are unsettled, still, by the events of the last three years.”

And if you’re Olivia, the hits and hurts go back a lot farther. So sure, we asked about William Lewis, and those pesky years that Stabler was gone. We also touched on more contemporary squad business, such as new hire Det. Grace Muncy (played by Days of Our Lives‘ Molly Burnett) and the future of ‘Rollisi’ which, as regular TVLine readers know, recently got complicated.

Take a look at the exclusive crossover sneak peek photo above, then read on for the Season 24 scoop!