Law & Order: Organized Crime EP: A Reflective Stabler Will Seek a 'Different Kind of Solace' in Season 3


Law & Order: Organized Crime fans, imagine that we’ve just rolled up our shirt sleeves, turned a chair backwards and settled down across from you in an interrogation room, because we’re going to give it to you straight.

Shortly after TVLine spoke about the series’ upcoming Season 3 with new showrunner Bryan Goluboff, news broke that he would not continue in that role. And unfortunately, subsequent efforts to talk with his successor, Sean Jablonski (Nip/Tuck, Law & Order), ahead of the show’s return were fruitless. So, bottom line? This preview of OC Season 3 will give you the gist of what’s to come, but some of the particulars may change as the show moves through its forthcoming episodes.

Is the situation ideal? Nope. But neither was Stabler’s undercover beard, and we got through that together. So ahead of the three-way Law & Order/SVU/OC crossover premiere starting at 8/7c Thursday, check out the exclusive premiere photo above, then scroll through the list below for some ideas about what awaits Stabler, Bell & the gang (and SVU‘s Benson, of course) in the near future.