House of Dragon Vs. Rings of Power: Which Fantasy TV Show Reigns Supreme? Read Our Head-to-Head Breakdown and Vote for Your Favorite!

Two big-budget fantasy blockbusters are currently locked in a fierce battle for our attention: HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon and Amazon’s Lord of the Rings adaptation The Rings of Power. But if we stacked them up head-to-head, which one would claim the ultimate throne?

To be clear, we here at TVLine are greatly enjoying both shows each week — what an embarrassment of riches! — but we still thought it’d be fun to pit them against each other in a clash of the TV titans. With Rings wrapping up its freshman season this week, we’re taking a closer look at the two shows and judging them in a number of key categories (cast, dialogue, visual effects) and deciding which one is best in each. Then we add them all up and declare a winner, once and for all. Oh, and of course, we’re giving you a chance to weigh in and tell us which one gets your vote.

So read on to see how House of the Dragon compares to The Rings of Power and vice versa, vote for your favorite in our poll and then scroll down to the comments to share your own hot take on which show is best.