House of the Dragon's Greens Vs. Blacks: Which Faction Has the Edge? Our Handy Head-to-Head Breakdown

You can tell from the look in Rhaenyra’s eyes at the close of House of the Dragon‘s Season 1 finale: War is coming, with fiery battles in store for the Blacks (Rhaenyra, Daemon & Co.) and the Greens (Aegon, the Hightowers and such) on HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel. Now each side is sizing the other up, trying to plan out the fights that lie ahead. Who has the most teenagers on dragonback?  The most military prowess? The better spy network? And don’t forget the most allegiances from different kingdoms? (On the other hand, both sides kind of forgot about the Iron Fleet, but we digress.)

In advance of a far-off Season 2, we’re holding our own war council, to take a closer look at the two factions and rating them in a number of categories (dragons, allies, credit scores) and deciding which one has the best chance. (Granted, the show is based on the fake history in George R.R. Martin’s Fire & Blood, but the show often zigs where Martin zags, so even if the outcome is predetermined, the path there is not.) Then we’ll be adding up the wins and declaring one in the lead. Of course, you’ll have a chance to send a raven about which side will be getting your vote.

So read on to see how the Greens compare to the Blacks, and vice versa, vote for your favorite in our poll, and then scroll down to the comments to share your own hot take on which faction is the most fierce. Needless to say, some spoilers ahead.