House of the Dragon Names That Make Me Want to 'Dracarys!' Myself

House of the Dragon is nearing its Season 1 finale, which makes now the perfect time to step back, survey the freshman series as a whole… and complain vociferously about how its characters spell their names.

I’m aware that my gripe is pretty much a non-issue for those who don’t write about the Game of Thrones prequel. And that’s cool! I recently spent many minutes engrossed in a Q&A about beekeeping, a hobby in which I have no interest, involving an insect I spent summers actively trying to avoid. We can all benefit from a peek into what fills each others’ brains, is all I’m saying.

So while I really have loved being back in Westeros, and ahead of the season-ender (see finale photos here), I feel the need to share a few ways that the fantasy drama has caused me to curse at my keyboard over the past nine episodes.

I’m also very aware that some of you are already formulating rebuttals for the comments section, long and impassioned essays involving the phrases “High Valyrian” and “it’s an entire language, you idiot” and “if you actually loved George R.R. Martin and every single thing he created, this wouldn’t be an issue.” True, true and probably true!

Now that that’s sorted: Below are my pre-finale musings about the show’s sometimes-challenging character names. You know how knitters gather for stitch-n-bitch sessions? Scroll through the list below, and consider it my contribution to the Caraxes-n-carp (Meleys-n-moan? Balerion-n-bellyache?) discussion. And I’m sure we’ll all have more to say after the finale airs Sunday at 9/8c on HBO.

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