18 Times the Golden Globes Got It Right (When the Emmys Didn't) — Watch the Winners' Acceptance Speeches

Golden Globes Best TV Winners List Speeches

The Emmys may be the gold standard for television excellence, but they aren’t perfect… and sometimes, the Golden Globes are there to set things right.

The Globes have certainly been prone to, shall we say, eccentric choices over the years — Mozart in the Jungle, anyone? Seriously, has anyone actually seen that show? — but they also hit upon some great winners, too. In fact, on quite a few occasions, Globe voters have handed out awards to very worthy shows and actors that Emmy voters passed over entirely. Classic shows like Twin Peaks and The Shield and beloved performers like Steve Carell and Hugh Laurie never got to give an Emmys acceptance speech… but they did at the Globes.

With this year’s Golden Globes airing this Sunday (NBC, 8/7c), we’re looking back at all the times the Globes got it exactly right — and also helped to soothe the sting of an Emmys snub. Plus, thanks to the magic of the internet, many of our choices include video of the winners’ acceptance speeches, so we can relive their moments of glory. Read on to see our list of the Globes’ surprisingly great choices in the TV categories… and here’s hoping they give us some more nice surprises this weekend.

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