FBI: International First Look Photos: Romance Is Brewing for [Spoiler]

FBI International Kellett Forrester Romance Over

This one is for Sarah, Cara, David and any other FBI: International fans who have emailed my Inside Line column asking variations of, “Will we see Jamie Kellett and Scott Forrester together again at some point in Season 2? Or is their relationship over for good?”

But mind you, I am only the messenger.

TVLine has learned exclusively that in the Tuesday, Feb. 21 episode of FBI: International — and albeit a week late for Valentine’s Day — Special Agent Jamie Kellett (played by original cast member Heida Reed) will strike a spark with someone she gets to know as the Fly Team investigates the death of an American lawyer working out of Budapest.

“Forrester and Kellett are keeping it professional for now,” showrunner Derek Haas tells TVLine, in response to the recurring aforementioned Inside Line queries. And in the meantime, “Kellett is going to meet a guy from the Hungarian National Police after they get off to a — should I say — violent start.”

Miklós Bányai (whose previous TV credits include episodes of Emerald City and Mars) will play said romantic interest, Lieutenant Benedek Erdős.

Below, check out a series of exclusive photos of Kellett meeting….and then meeting up with… Lieutenant Erdős, and weigh in on the imminent roadblock to a Kellett/Forrester relationship.

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