20 TV Hangouts We're Hitting After the Pandemic: The Bronze, Luke's Diner, Sharon Carter's Gallery, LUX and More

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Vaccines are getting into people’s arms, and that can only mean one thing: In a foreseeable future, it will be time to congregate with other, actual humans and properly mark the end of quarantine. If you had your choice of any TV hangout to go eat, drink and be socially undistanced, where would you choose?

In the list below, the TVLine staff has rounded up 20 bars, nightclubs, diners, coffee shops, pubs and Winebraries, from TV shows past and present, where we would be more than happy to commune and resume genial, unmasked interactions.

Sure, one fabulous destination requires a bit of time travel, and another would land an international crime den’s stamp on your passport, but individual TVline staff members can personally vouch for every one of these hangouts… based on, at least, what we have seen on TV.

Review our itinerary of post-pandemic destinations from Buffy, Lucifer, Cheers, Vampire Diaries, Moesha, Cougar Town, Ted Lasso, Wynonna Earp and other shows, and then tell us where from the small screen — no matter the time or place — you would want to rediscover the joys of being social.

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