Quotes of the Week: Grey's Anatomy, Big Mouth, The Voice, NCIS and More

Best TV Quotes

As 2020 draws to a close — and not a moment too soon! — so, too, does our Quotes of the Week column.

Next Sunday, we’ll unveil our picks for the most memorable, entertaining and gasp-inducing quotes of the year. But first, we’ve got one last round-up from the past seven days of television, including notable dialogue from broadcast, cable and streaming series.

This time around, we’ve got a top-notch comeback from Big Sky‘s Grace, Family Guy‘s dig at a fellow Fox personality, an eliminated Amazing Race contestant who seems a liiiiittle bitter to be leaving the competition, and a fourth wall-breaking meta joke, courtesy of Big Mouth‘s new episodes.

Also featured in this week’s compilation: a double dose of The Challenge: Double Agents‘ premiere (read recap), plus sound bites from The VoiceSEAL TeamThe Mandalorian, Station 19 and more shows.

Scroll through the list below to see all of our picks for the week, then hit the comments and tell us if we missed any of your faves!

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