Fall TV Preview

Fall TV: Your Handy Calendar of 140+ Season and Series Premiere Dates

Fall TV Calendar Schedule 2022

The Fall TV season is upon us! And to help you keep tabs on it all, TVLine presents its famously handy calendar (and it is a calendar) of September, October and November premiere dates.

After two years of decreasingly pandemic-tempered fall schedules, this year’s slate is as robust as ever, offering up a cornucopia of returning and new broadcast, streaming and cable series, including prestige dramas, tried-and-true procedurals, stalwart sitcoms, far-out fare and a curated smattering of reality-TV offerings.

Herewith is our calendar of September and early October dates (including a few series enders and other finales), as well as a tinted box containing very select late October and November premieres. (New series are listed in BOLD, time zones are as always Eastern.) Click to zoom/print/highlight/frame, and save these dates! (UPDATED 9/6, noon)

Fall TV Calendar Schedule

BROADCAST SHOWS ON HOLD FOR MIDSEASON: 9-1-1: Lone Star, Accused (Fox), Alert (Fox), A Million Little Things, American Auto, American Idol, The Bachelor, The Blacklist, Crime Scene Kitchen, Fantasy Island, The Flash final season, Gotham Knights (The CW), Grand Crew, Housebroken, Judge Steve Harvey, Krapopolis (Fox), L.A. Fire and Rescue (NBC), Lingo (CBS), Nancy Drew, Next Level Chef, Night Court (NBC), Not Dead Yet (ABC), Riverdale final season, Superman & Lois, That’s My Jam, Tough as Nails, True Lies (CBS), The Wall, The Wheel (NBC), and The Wonder Years, among others.

Preemptive P.S. My calendar-making skills have never been infallible (even after 11-plus years!), so if you spot something that is (theoretically) missing, drop a (polite) note in Comments and I will (maybe) include it in an update!

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