Fall TV Freshman Report Card: Here Are 20+ Ways to Improve 9 New Shows

New Fall TV Shows 2022

We’re well over a month into the new fall TV season, and it’s time for an early assessment of broadcast television’s rookies — including an actual Rookie, in fact!

Now that this fall’s nine newbies have each aired at least three episodes — double that, in a few cases — TVLine is taking stock of the areas where Quantum Leap, Fire Country, Alaska Daily and more shows could stand to improve. In the list below, we’ve brainstormed more than 20 suggestions for how the freshman class can work out its kinks, while also recognizing what these series have been doing well during their first few weeks on the air.

How can NBC’s Quantum Leap revival become more like the original series? Why isn’t anyone questioning Walker Independence‘s Abby? Which Fire Country romance isn’t quite smoldering?

Does a certain So Help Me Todd relationship feel forced? Is The Rookie: Feds giving Simone too much credit? Can’t The Winchesters spare some clues about one of its biggest mysteries? (And we mean no disrespect to Fox’s Monarch, but our list of tweaks… isn’t short.)

Keep scrolling down to review all of our suggested improvements for this fall’s new broadcast shows, then drop a comment below with your own recommendations!