Evil Arrives on Netflix: 13 Reasons Not to Sleep on the Spooky Serial


Something wicked Netflix’s way comes, in the form of CBS’ Eviljust in time for Halloween.

The supernatural series hits the streaming service today, and we thought we’d offer an eerie introduction for anyone who didn’t happen to catch the first season on CBS or CBS All Access when it premiered last year.

In the list below, we’ve scared up 13 reasons why you’re going to want to binge the tightly crafted drama (with the lights on, of course!) as soon as possible. Evil was a standout of the 2019-2020 broadcast TV season, boasting an impressive cast and an even more impressive creative team, not to mention some hearty frights and a goosebump-inducing arc.

One note to keep in mind: Though the list below does not contain any major spoilers for Season 1, the links within the captions might lead you to information that could spoil you. In short, you might want to bookmark this post and revisit it — clicking on every link you see — after you’ve seen all 13 episodes in the show’s freshman run.

So now that you’ve been appropriately prepped, scroll through the list below to look Evil in the face and see if it’s for you. And if you happen to have watched Season 1, chime in the comments with your thoughts on the spine-chilling show!

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