Dear Chicago Fire: We Need Some Happy Storylines, ASAP!

Chicago Fire

We might need to send Chicago Fire a therapy bill after this season.

The NBC drama has tackled some heavy storylines as of late, shocking viewers with the devastating death of Violet’s boyfriend, Paramedic Field Chief Evan Hawkins, in the third episode of Season 11. Then the firehouse crew and fans were hit with another emotional wallop when Herrmann’s devoted wife and the mother of his five children was diagnosed with lung cancer. There’s also been plenty of other struggles, including relationship strife for both Stella and Sylvie.

We get it — TV dramas need obstacles and conflict and, well, drama, to fuel storylines for the nearly two dozen annual hours that make up a broadcast like Chicago Fire. And as the Windy City heroes have tackled this season’s challenges, it’s only reinforced how strong the family bond is at Firehouse 51, and the cast has certainly risen to the emotionally daunting arcs.

But while there have been moments of levity in between — the Halloween episode, Gallo’s dating misadventures — is it too much to ask that something really good happen to the characters… and soon? (No, a wealthy victim donating money to Herrmann’s son’s school doesn’t count.) Because we could definitely use some happiness after recounting below all the bummer stories that are plaguing our hearts and brains this season.

#OneChicago fans, check out the following recap of Season 11’s dire times, then hit the comments to let us know if this season has you feeling a little blue.

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