#OneChicago Wish List: A Fire-y Kiss, P.D. Reckoning, Big Returns and More Dream Scenarios for the New Seasons

#OneChicago Wish List

New episodes of the #OneChicago dramas are less than three weeks away, so naturally, you may be wondering what’s in store for Casey, Atwater, Natalie & Co. — and you’ve probably got some requests about what you’d like to see happen.

TVLine, too, is getting anxious for the franchise’s return, so we’ve crafted a wish list for the new seasons of Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. (premiering Wednesday, Nov. 11, starting at 8/7c on NBC). Our dream scenarios include romantic developments for couples on all three series, both of the “just kiss already!” and “it’s time to break up!” variety. We’ve also singled out three dearly missed characters who need to return to the Windy City for a visit.

Elsewhere, we’re rooting for Stella’s new career trajectory and hoping to see a different side of Casey on Fire. Over on P.D., we think it’s time for some “Burzek” closure and for Platt to shine. As for Med, we’d love some more insight into a certain doc’s past, via a flashback episode.

Plus, we can’t help yearning for a surprise crossover couple, despite how unlikely it is to happen. (Yes, we realize some of our wishes are more realistic than others, but hey, we’re dreaming big here!)

Review our wish list below, then hit the comments with your requests!