Chicago Fire Boss Looks Back at 200 Episodes: Most Romantic Scene, Biggest Tearjerker, Best Stunt and More

Chicago Fire Best Episodes/Scenes

Chicago Fire enters rarefied air this Wednesday when it celebrates its 200th episode (airing at 9/8c on NBC).

In a world where many series never even make it past their first season, the drama’s milestone achievement is not one to be minimized — and it might only mark the midpoint of the show’s life! “May the last 10 years merely be the precursor to the next 10,” executive producer Dick Wolf said at the 200th episode cake-cutting.

Asked how long he sees the show lasting, co-creator and showrunner Derek Haas tells TVLine, “I said to my own family, ‘As long as the audience keeps watching, we’ll keep making them’… It is mind-blowing that we still have these longtime, faithful watchers, plus a few new ones. So it feels like there’s an appetite for it.”

“And it’s never boring. If you’re in the fire department, those calls are never boring,” Haas continues. “That’s what makes the show awesome. When the bells go off, you don’t know what you’re going to see next. So we’re still loving it, loving the challenges, and always trying to top ourselves and always trying to come up with a new surprise.”


In honor of this week’s big installment, TVLine invited Haas to look back at the 199 episodes that preceded it and share his picks for his favorite romantic moment, the character he misses most, the most difficult scene to shoot and much more.

Scroll down to check out Haas’ answers, then hit the comments with your own choices! And for scoop on what’s in store for No. 200 and Casey’s future, click here.

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