Which of January's 15+ Cancellations Was the Most Heartbreaking?

Cancelled Shows 2023

The new year got off to a rough start for over a dozen TV series and their fans, who were greeted with the news that some of their favorite shows had been cancelled.

In fact, January alone saw the Grim Reaper bring down his axe on 17 comedies and dramas, ranging from cult fave Doom Patrol to the Gossip Girl revival-boot to a long-running drama that’s now in need of a new home for its swan song. And in the case of Netflix’s Inside Job, AMC’s 61st Street and AMC+’s Pantheon, even getting picked up for another season didn’t keep those shows safe from getting un-renewed.

After tallying up this month’s casualties, it might surprise you to learn that Netflix was one of two streamers to tie for Most Cancelled Shows in January, followed closely by Peacock, AMC and Showtime.

Note, we did not include the following in our roundup of January cancellations: projects that were scrapped before they ever got a chance to make it to air (like Peacock’s Dead Day and AMC’s Demascus); shows that announced they would be ending (NCIS: Los Angeles, Mayans MC, Fear the Walking Dead, Outlander, Mo); and reality series that got axed (Rat in the Kitchen, Jay Leno’s Garage).

Review the list of cancelled series below (listed in order of axing), then vote in the poll at the bottom to tell us which demise hurt the most!