The Unresolved Cliffhangers From This Season's Cancelled Shows, Ranked!

Unresolved Cliffhangers

TVLine’s got burning questions from several of this season’s broadcast-TV finales… that we’ll now be wondering about forever, following those shows’ cancellations.

Because we’re not quite ready to let go yet, TVLine has recalled the biggest unresolved cliffhangers from a dozen axed dramas and comedies, and ranked them from least to most tantalizing. Now, not every de facto series ender left us on the edge of our seat with its final episode. (Sorry, Carol’s Second Act.) But several finales did present shocking twists that were full of storytelling potential for another season… had the programs secured a renewal.

From would-be couples on Single Parents and Schooled to a possible new Big Bad on Emergence to The Baker and the Beauty‘s surprise ending, many lingering mysteries and plot threads will unfortunately now remain unanswered, as fans are left to mourn and ponder what could have been. And in the case of God Friended Me, you might say that we’re in denial about the show’s ending, but we’re willing to bet that plenty of viewers are still seeking closure on that final scene.

Scroll down to review our ranked list of unresolved cliffhangers, then hit the comments to let us know which pressing Qs you are obsessed with!