Which Broadcast-TV 'Bubble' Shows Do YOU Most Want Saved? Vote Here!

Renewed Cancelled Shows List

Feel that chill in the air? It’s a sign that TV’s grim reaper is hovering, sharpening his scythe in preparation to thin the broadcast networks’ primetime herd….

A few “on-the-bubble” scripted series have already learned their fates, including CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles (its two-part series finale airs May 14/May 21)… Fox’s Monarch (which sang its swan song back in December)… and NBC’s The Blacklist and The CW’s Riverdale and Nancy Drew, all of which are in the midst of or nearing their farewell tours.

On the brighter side, CBS thus far has renewed 19 of its programs, freshman breakouts such as NBC’s Quantum Leap and Night Court already are picked up for Season 2, and All American is one of the two to three shows that will continue on the “new” The CW.

But before the final rounds of gavels some a-swingin’ down, we want to know which series have your support.

In the poll down below, you’ll find nearly 30 scripted comedies and dramas that are currently “on the bubble.” After assessing these curated options, cast your vote for up to FOUR (4) shows that you want to be renewed (even though most decisions may not come down until mid-May or in some cases later, for those with spring premieres). THE POLL CLOSES WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22 at 11 am ET; any shows renewed/cancelled before then will be removed from the poll.

Fun facts: Legacies, Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow topped this poll last year, and… well, “if wishes were horses,” amiright? In that same 2022 survey, Welcome to Flatch and Grand Crew fared the worst, and… their networks thought differently! Some previous winners include Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist in 2021 (which got a Christmas movie), S.W.A.T. (2020), The Rookie (2019) and Lucifer (in 2018, which wound up “saved” by Netflix).

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