Bridgerton: Did Season 1 Best Season 2 or Vice Versa? Cast Your Vote!

Bridgerton couples Season 1 and 2

Ask Bridgerton fans if they prefer Season 1 or Season 2 of Netflix’s hit Regency-era drama, and the answers will vary as much as any of the wigs in Queen Charlotte’s massive collection.

Of course, the main reason for this is personal preference. Some viewers enjoyed the whirlwind romance between Simon and Daphne in the inaugural season to the slow-simmering romantic tensions that Kate and Anthony shared in the series’ sophomore year. We also saw one set of lovebirds get married in the first season but not the second.


But, then again, Season 2 included a charming Corgi named Newton and Season 1 didn’t give us that. (And that really matters to some people.) Sex scenes, dance choreography, backstories, representation, and romantic rivals also differed between the two outings and have helped to pull Bridgerton lovers to one side or another.

In an effort to better understand why fans might adore one season over the other, we at TVLine have compiled nine comparative components such as the leading men, leading women, couple conflicts, and so on to truly grasp what the world’s modern-day Ton wants from this show based on Julia Quinn’s bestselling novels.

Scroll down to check out the contrasts we’ve noted and vote for your favorite season in our poll. You can also drop a thought or three in the comments.