Big Brother's 12 Best Alliances of All Time — and the 5 Worst!

Big Brother Alliances

Whether a coaster, a floater or a partner in a showmance, there are many different strategies one can play in the Big Brother house. But none of these will ever compare to the safety provided by a majority alliance.

With Season 23 more than halfway over and the Cookout continuing its dominant reign, we’re looking back at houses past to break down the best and worst alliances in BB history. While some duos kept their games small and savage like the Renegades, other groups (like the ill-planned Bomb Squad) internally combusted long before they had any actual sway in the game. As we BB fans know, anyone can come up with a clever nickname, but to play this game of chess with foresight and loyalty, and keep your dang trap shut about it? That’s what separates the legends from… whatever Frenchie was.

Here, we hark all the way back to Season 2, highlighting the very best strategists and game plans in the history of the show. (And whoever made the claim that all-female alliances never work in Big Brother, we’ve got one set of ladies that says you’re dead wrong!)

So which alliances landed a spot in our list? Scroll down for a full breakdown, then tell us which ones you’d “sadly evote” (or stan!) in the Comments.