TV's 25+ Most Jaw-Dislocating Slaps, Smacks and Wallops

Best TV Slaps

It’s time to celebrate one of TV’s finest dramatic flourishes: A good ol’ fashioned slap across the face.

While we certainly don’t condone the below physical altercations (or any of this type of behavior IRL), a good scripted slap upside the head is both memorable and a good conversation starter for today’s social media-style watercooler. (Seriously, who can resist? We certainly can’t.)

Here we present you with the best slaps, smacks and wallops from some of our favorite TV programs, both past and present. Soap opera fans will be happy to see classic clips and photos from The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives and more, but even if you aren’t a soaps watcher, the silly drama and triple slaps (!) are simply too good to pass up.

We’ve also included Veronica Mars’ takedown of her high school nemesis, long-running drama that came to a head on The Conners, and of course, Yellowstone‘s Beth. (Enough said there.)

So what other shows and characters made the cut? View our full list of photos and videos below, then hit the comments to tell us your personal favorite whacks from TV history.