22 TV Characters Who Deserve Their Own Spinoff Series

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With no disrespect to Ted Lasso, Meredith Grey and TV’s other title characters, they aren’t always the ones we’re tuning in to see.

Of course, there’s no shortage of compelling protagonists who keep us coming back to our favorite shows week after week. But just as often, we’re watching for the standout side characters — the ones with personalities colorful enough, storylines meaty enough and portrayals memorable enough that we’d happily watch ’em carry their own spinoff series, if given the chance.

In the list below, we’ve identified 22 such TV characters, all hailing from currently airing or, at least, currently existing TV shows — in other words, nothing that’s been cancelled or recently ended, though we suppose time is running out for The CW to greenlight a certain Flash offshoot.

And though most of our picks are individual scene stealers — Barry‘s Noho Hank, Stranger Things’ Erica Sinclair and Yellowstone‘s Beth Dutton among them — we’ve also made room for a few duos. Because c’mon, there’s no way we’re separating a pair of characters named Boom Boom and Bam Bam, right?

Keep scrolling to see all the TV characters we think are spinoff-worthy, then drop a comment with the small-screen favorites you’d watch in their own show.

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