The 12 Best 'Accidental' Finales From This Truncated TV Season

Best Season Finales 2020

Slightly shorter can sometimes turn out to be sweeter, a dozen TV series learned this spring as their pandemic-paused runs came to an early close.

When production in Hollywood, Vancouver, Atlanta et al shut down in mid-March, it meant that many dramas and comedies came up short of their planned episode counts — sometimes by several episodes, though in some cases just one shy of the finish line. As such, the typical result was a “finale” that perhaps didn’t end with the biggest possible narrative bang, but instead played as what it was: a regular ol’, late-season episode.

But in some select cases, shows lucked out, either due to meaningful plot movement, bravura performances and/or a significantly twisty final sequence. (Or, in at least one example, by pulling off an impressive “shot-at-home” episode.)

We went into this extremely unusual “finale” season with tempered expectations, but the 12 shows below impressed us quite a bit with final episodes that made you go, “Know what? That would have been plenty satisfying if it was a planned season finale.”

Review our picks below and then hit the Comments to sing the praises of the season “faux-nales” that you thought were unexpectedly solid.