TV's Best Proposals, From the Sweetly Funny to the Super Romantic

Best TV Proposals

Valentine’s Day is a popular time of year for popping the question, and TVLine’s roundup of the small screen’s best proposals will definitely get you in the mood to declare your love (and hand over your credit card to a diamond ring retailer).

The following picks from shows such as The Office, Gilmore Girls and Friday Night Lights range in style from simple but sweet to wonderfully creative. Some feature elaborate setups (could there be any more candles?) or a thoughtfully decorated elevator (we’ll give you one guess on that selection), while others were more impromptu but no less romantic. Plus, one special lady got a musical proposal! How’s that for memorable?

But no matter how the fella or gal chose to take the next step in their relationship, they all won because each and every one of them got a “Yes!” in return, while we, at home, sighed in contentment.

So brush up on the art of the perfect proposal by checking out the list below, which includes video so you can relive the memorable moments and jot down some pointers, if you haven’t already put a ring on The One. Then hit the comments to share your favorite proposal scenes that didn’t make our cut.

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