Year in Review

2022 in Review: The 20 Most Agonizing Cliffhangers From Stranger Things, Grey's, House of the Dragon and More

Best TV Cliffhangers 2022

We spent a lot of the past year on our couches watching TV… and thanks to these shows, we spent a whole lot of that time perched on the very edges of our seats.

Cliffhangers are a time-honored TV tradition, and the past year provided plenty of shocking last-minute plot developments that left us gasping for breath and begging for the next episode to air. Right. Now. (Although we have to say: In this binge-watching era, sometimes it’s kind of nice to wait to see what happens next.) In the latest entry in TVLine’s Year in Review series, we’re taking a look back at 2022’s biggest and boldest cliffhangers from regular old weekly episodes, season finales, midseason finales and even series finales. (Yes, in some cases, we’ll be left dangling on that cliff forever. Sigh.)

Read on to see which moments from Stranger Things, Better Call Saul, House of the Dragon, Peacemaker, Severance and many other shows had us yelling “Whaaaaaat?!?” at our TVs and counting down the days until our shows came back. Got your own favorite cliffhangers from the year in TV? Drop ’em in a comment below.

And still to come in TVLine’s Year in Review: Performer of the Year, Series Finales Graded and much, much more!