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2022 in Review: The Stealthiest Castings and Very Coolest Cameos

TV Best Surprise Cameos Casting 2022

Some of TV’s most delightful surprises involve not what happens on screen, but who appears on screen.

Heck, this year the preponderance of IP-driven shows alone paved the way for choice cameos from the Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel and DC universes — sometimes sneaking up on us entirely unannounced.

We also were treated to highly hoped-for encores on shows such as Legacies and How I Met Your Father, castings that were quite possibly set in motion on a family group text, and some “Hey, Is That…?” voice work that aroused our curiosity. (We said curiosity, Tommy Lee.)

With such casting coups and delightful cameos in greater supply than ever this year, TVLine’s 2022 in Review has rounded up more than 20 on-screen appearances that caught the audience-at-large off guard and/or teased us all with a really fun wink-wink.

From Charlize Theron’s super role in a movie-within-a-series to Paul Rudd’s surprise involvement in a new Murders plot, let’s revisit some of the year’s very best cameos and most secret castings — and then chime in with the ones you enjoyed most!