TV Streaming Service Guide: Disney+, Netflix, Peacock, Hulu and 65+ Other Options — What Are Your 'Must Haves'?

Best Streaming Services Guide 2020

This guide comes in addition to TVLine’s Streaming Renewal Scorecard and monthly New on Netflix feature.

The Streaming TV Apocalypse (#PeakStreaming?) is upon us — and consumers are being forced to make some tough choices.

Apple TV+, Disney+ and HBO Max are among the more recent entries into the marketplace to take on the “Big 3” (Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime). It’s unlikely that consumers will subscribe to all six as well as a smattering of niche SVODs (remember Quibi?) — so what’s your plan?

What follows is a rundown of subscription rates, original series, and select library content offered by established and nascent streamers. In addition to the mighty trinity, you’ll find pertinent information on competitors such as Paramount+ and Peacock.

We’ve also gathered intel on more distinctive SVODs geared towards anglophiles, gore hounds, history buffs and Hallmark Channel enthusiasts. And cord-cutters will find solutions to keep up with their favorite premium cable series, by way of over-the-top (“OTT”) services or standalone channel subscriptions.

Last but not least, those of you who are on a budget will find information on free streaming services that offer a wide assortment of classic-TV titles.

The following guide will be updated as more (yikes, will there be more??) streamers become prominent and/or adjust their rates. In the meantime, hit the comments and tell us: How many services are you currently subscribed to? What are your must-haves? And which services would you consider adding or dropping?

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