Whiskey Cavalier, The Black Donnellys, Deception, Life on Mars and 11 More One-Season Shows YOU Still Miss!

Best One-Season Shows

Our condolences, TVLine readers: It seems there are quite a few fallen TV series you’re still mourning.

Earlier this summer, we looked back on 50 shows that were cut short after their first seasons, despite their massive potential. Our wide-ranging list included dramas like Fox’s Pitch, quirky comedies such as ABC’s Selfie and animated fare a la MTV’s Clone High — but you had some of your own favorites to add to the mix, too.

Below, we’ve highlighted 15 more one-hit wonders that received a whole lotta love in our comments section, from recent cancellations (ABC’s Whiskey Cavalier) to an early ’90s throwback (we haven’t thought about The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. in a very long time).

Our list of readers’ favorites also includes a short-lived Bones spinoff, an ABC Family gem that’s also among the best one-season teen dramas, and a whopping three series starring Dave Annable. (The man has range!) But there’s plenty of TV grief left for shows like NBC’s high-concept thriller Awake, ABC’s Jason Ritter vehicle Kevin (Probably) Saves the World and Fox’s heartwarming medical drama Red Band Society, among others.

Scroll through the list below to see all 15 one-season shows our readers still miss, then drop a comment with more series that said goodbye too soon.

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