Animal Kingdom Series Finale Recap: Which Codys Made It Out Alive?

animal kingdom recap season 6 episode 13 series finale

“This is Animal Kingdom,” executive producer John Wells chuckled to TVLine back in 2019, when the TNT drama killed off Ellen Barkin’s viperish Smurf. “We don’t expect anybody to be alive by the time we get to the end.” (Revisit that interview here.)

Nonetheless, at least a couple of key characters managed to emerge from the series’ sixth and last season finale with their hearts still beating. It wasn’t easy, what with Craig and Deran setting in motion what was arguably the thieves’ most impossible crime ever — breaking big brother Pope out of jail — at the same time as J was stabbing his uncles in the back. But two of the Codys did get out alive. Which ones? Keep reading, and we’ll go over all the episode’s gory details. Then you can let loose in the comments with your reviews of the show’s send-off, the season and the series as a whole.

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