Animal Kingdom: The 11 Most Shocking Deaths in the Series' History, Ranked

animal kingdom most shocking deaths all time ranked list

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Sunday’s series finale of Animal Kingdom. If you’ve yet to watch, you may want to put off weighing in on this countdown until you have.

Over the course of its six blood-soaked seasons, Animal Kingdom bumped off and rubbed out so many characters that you could imagine sticking a shovel just about anywhere in the desert and accidentally hitting a body that the Codys had buried. But of course, not all of the TNT drama’s deaths were truly, ahem, killer.

Now that the series has aired its finale — and added three more major casualties to the list — TVLine is counting down the 11 most shocking murders in the show’s entire history. Keep in mind, though, as you scroll through the rankings below that these aren’t necessarily the saddest deaths ever, just the most starting, whether because of their horrifying circumstances, their significance or, at least in one case, the perpetrator.

In other words, we’re looking for jaws on the floor instead of tears in the eyes.

Ready to see which characters’ demises made this, the unkindest of cuts? Keep scrolling, then hit the comments with the death that left you the widest-eyed.