And Just Like That...'s 10 Most Cringe-Worthy Moments, From Miranda's 'Woke' Ramble to Carrie's Big Request

And Just Like That Season 1

And Just Like That… our threshold for uncomfortable situations was seriously tested. HBO Max’s Sex and the City revival certainly didn’t shy away from forcing its characters (and by extension, its audience) to confront many awkward scenarios, from the sexual kind to racial faux pas.

In TVLine’s roundup of the show’s most cringe-worthy scenes, the desire to squirm is strong, especially when revisiting moments like Miranda’s terrible first impression on Professor Nya or Charlotte’s awful mistake at Lisa Todd Wexley’s dinner party. Carrie was also not immune to the trend, asking Big to perform a special request for her, then finding herself in the middle of someone else’s intimate moment.

And for the most part, the cringe factor played out intentionally as part of the storylines, with the characters internally grimacing as much as the viewers. (You know Charlotte is kicking herself.) However, in a couple of cases, we’re not so sure that we were supposed to groan in discomfort, but we’ll let you try to decipher which of the below selections we’re talking about.

Review our list of And Just Like That…‘s most cringe-y moments to see what made the cut, then hit the comments to share your top picks!