20 Great TV Shows That Never Won a Major Award: The Leftovers, Hannibal, Oz, The Good Place, Fringe and More

TV Shows Never Won Awards

Ever been baffled as to why or how your favorite acclaimed program never had its chance in the awards season spotlight? Well, you’ve come to the right TVLine list.

We’re absolutely tickled that the Schitt’s Creeks, Thrones and Maisels of the TV world have gotten their well-deserved dues, but we can’t help but wonder why other equally adored shows that were chock-full of masterful talent never achieved similar triumphs. While we may not be able to correct history, we do want to right a few of those wrongs by highlighting some truly worthy shows that were never able to grab that gold or, in the worst cases, were shunned entirely.

In this list, we’ve selected 20 of our favorite shows that never won a single major award. For our purposes, we’re counting the Primetime Emmys, Golden Globes, Writers Guild Awards, Directors Guild Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards as the criteria for consideration.

Some picks, like the breath of fresh air that was The Good Place, were afforded multiple at-bats, but sadly struck out when it came time to earn a W. Starz’s Party Down was ignored entirely, while others, like sci-fi series Fringe, were only nominated for technical prowess. (And we aren’t knocking that! We just dream of an “Over There” world where a show like Fringe could’ve been celebrated across all categories.)

Though we wish things could’ve turned out differently for the shows below, they’ll forever remain some of our favorite underdogs. Which of these series do you most wish had won the major awards they deserve? And have we missed any of your favorites? View our picks, then fire away in the Comments!