1923's Spencer Is a Red Flag in Khaki: Some Unsolicited Advice for Alexandra as They Start Their Adventure Together


1923’s second episode was its most romantic yet: Alexandra, a rich, young British woman who’d realized she didn’t want to marry the man her father had chosen, decided to blow up her life and run away with Spencer Dutton, whom she’d met — and generated serious sparks with — just a day or so before. Her willingness to leave everything behind surprised even Spencer, who’d been ready to leave for his next big-game-killing assignment alone. (Read a full recap.)

We took an immediate liking to Alex, portrayed by Julia Schlaepfer, and with how she and Brandon Sklenar’s Spencer play off each other. We’re glad that she’s sticking around. But given what we know of the Dutton family — and this Dutton man, in particular — I feel it’s only fair that I give Alex a friendly heads-up about what she might be getting herself into. Y’know, gal to gal.

Ahead of the Paramount+ drama’s new episode Sunday, scroll down for my advice for 1923’s latest lady.

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