Walker Season 2 Ratings

Will Walker and Geri be a couple again? –Ivan
“Listen, my mother was very upset when he tried to move on [with Twyla]. I got an earful about that,” Walker showrunner Anna Fricke says with a laugh. “I feel bad saying that I’m always trying to thwart [Walker and Geri]. I’m not. I really believe in Walker and Geri, and I feel like they have to earn each other. And I also think that, originally and ultimately, Walker’s origin story, at least as we know him, is as a widow, a man who’s grieving. We can’t lose sight of that, that he doesn’t just bounce back right away. This is a man who suffered great loss in his life, his children suffered great loss, and so it’s going to take a while for him to become the person I think he needs to become to really let love in.”

Any news on All Rise? –Marlene
Ruthie Ann Miles tells TVLine that the midseason finale airing Aug. 9 is “the episode that we have dubbed The Insurrection, because it is the pivoting point for the rest of the season.” And here is where we’ll remind you of star/EP Simone Missick’s tease that “something dramatic happens at the courthouse and somebody might not make it.” As Miles added, “It’s very messy — messy in many ways.” Bonus Scoop: Viewers this season will meet Sherri’s parents, who come from “a very non-modern world” (and will be played by Keone Young and Nancy Lenehan), Miles says. “We get to explore Sherri’s background and see where she came from, and we get to see maybe why she’s a bit type A and why she needs control over things, because of the out-of-control nature of her childhood and her upbringing.”