CSI: VEGAS (Wednesdays on CBS)

CSI Vegas review

WHAT WORKS: Jorja Fox, William Petersen and the other OG CSI cast slipped right back into their roles and rhythms as if it was yesterday, and the case against Hodges is sufficiently vexing (if slow-moving). Paula Newsome, meanwhile, is the perfect blend of savvy, authoritative and likable as the crime lab’s current boss, Maxine. But while her team is also well cast, it feels a bit puny; what happened to CSI Park from the premiere?

WHAT NEEDS WORK: Though arguably by design, this is very much two separate, nearly independent TV shows — one about Sara and Grissom and their mission to prove Hodges innocent of evidence tampering; the other, Maxine’s team cracking an unrelated Case of the Week. So if you’re only vested in one of the two, the other feels like a distraction. (Oh, and change that time slot!)