Home Improvement Reunion Photos

Home Improvement Reunion

A Home Improvement revival isn’t in the cards — at least not yet! — but Tim Allen has invited former costars to appear on his other sitcom, Last Man Standing.

Speaking with TVLine in February 2020 about a potential Home Improvement reboot, Allen said, “I always think about it because I still talk to everybody involved. … I like the idea of doing it as a one-off, like a one-hour movie [versus a full-fledged revival series]. I like the idea of finding out where the boys are now, and where… Tool Time would be in today’s world. I just think it’s a marvelous idea, and all the actors think it’s a great idea.”

Since that interview, Allen has reprised his role as Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor (see below), but there are still no concrete plans for a Home Improvement followup. In the meantime, scroll down to see all the times Allen has been reunited with his former TV family…