Daytime Soaps' Wildest Storylines!

Soaps Opera Wildest Storylines

Demonic possessions and aliens and corsets, oh my!

If there has been one constant over the past four decades of daytime soap operas it has been the genre’s propensity to go big — sometimes meaning bats–t! — with storylines, if only to generate some buzz/ratings. And to think that the fad started in earnest with a very ugly piece of black rock aka General Hospital‘s infamous Ice Princess!

Since daytime’s doings have calmed down a bunch since the 1980s/90s heyday, TVLine decided to dust off our proverbial VHS tapes and reflect back on when serials scrambled to one-up each other, pitting space aliens against premature funerals, unearthing underground cities, or bringing Reva back from the dead (again) in a(nother) stupefying way.

These here are no well-told tales of evil twins. No, these are bigtime, bold plays — for better or for worse, but always memorable.

Check out the 21 wild storylines we singled out below, then chime in with the tall tales you remember best!