Coronavirus Interrupts TV: Which Seasons Will Be Shortened?

Coronavirus TV Fallout

Since February, TVLine has thrown a lot of information at you about which series will (and won’t) be affected by the coronavirus pandemic. We’re now here to help by doing what we all must in a time of crisis: organize our asses off. In our case, that means compiling an exhaustively comprehensive and up-to-the-minute list of TV shows and noting how, if at all, their production has been impacted.

For some programs (quite a few, actually), the news is good. Modern Family, for instance, had already wrapped its final season before one studio after another began shutting down. For other shows, the news is… ummm, less good. Among the series experiencing interrupted seasons are Supernatural and Empire, both of which are currently airing their own farewell seasons. 

To find out whether — and, if so, just how — the series on your must-watch list are being affected by coronavirus shutdowns, scroll through the slides below. 

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