20 TV Shows You Want Brought Back!

Cancelled Shows Want Back

There are a lot of torches still being carried for all kinds of dearly departed TV series, TVLine readers made clear through a tsunami of poll responses. And the show that was cited most often… may surprise you. Skim those that ranked 21-40 below, then scroll down for the countdown of your Top 20 mentions!

40. Terriers
39. Scorpion
38. Farscape
37. Dallas
36 (tie). Code Black
36 (tie). Charmed (the original)
35. The Village
34. Sports Night
33. Sense8
32. Limitless
31. Grimm
30. Criminal Minds
29. Dark Matter
28. Wonderfalls
27. Leverage
26. Jericho
25. Bunheads
24. Quantum Leap
23. Pitch
22. My So-Called Life
21. Knots Landing