Big Bang Theory: Sheldon and Amy's Best Moments

Big Bang Theory - Sheldon and Amy Best Moments

Remember when The Big Bang Theory‘s Sheldon would only refer to Amy as his friend but not his girlfriend? Eight years later, the fan-favorite couple said “HIja’!” (That’s “I do” in Klingon.)

Sheldon and Amy’s wedding was also where they made their initial breakthrough in super asymmetry, which earned them a Nobel Prize acceptance in in the series finale. (Rewatch Sheldon’s poignant speech here.)

In celebration of the marrieds’ career achievement, as well as Big Bang’s record-setting, 279-episode run, TVLine is looking back at 23 unforgettable moments that showcase the evolution of “Shamy” — including, but not limited to: their peculiar meet-cute, a devastating break-up and a cross-country proposal. We’ve also included all of their firsts, such as the first time they held hands and, yes, the first time they had coitus!

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