Best and Worst TV Spinoffs of All Time

Best Worst TV Spinoffs

Not all spinoffs are created equal. Just ask Joey Tribbiani.

When the New Yorker made his way to Hollywood with his own Friends offshoot, little did he know that 14 years later he would land on TVLine’s list of the worst TV spinoffs. But for every Joey, there’s an Angel, a continuation that makes its mothership series so proud, it lands in the “Best” column.

Here, Team TVLine has gathered our picks for the cream of the spinoff crop… and the failures we wish we could unsee. Our selections include recent shows like The Originals, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, The Flash and Ravenswood. But we also dug deep to uncover which classics were winners (The Jeffersons!) and which failed to impress (The Brady Bunch as a melodrama, anyone?).

Scroll down to see 30 of TV’s best (and worst) spinoffs, then drop a comment with your own picks below.