TV's Most Disastrous Weddings From Revenge, Thrones, Friends and More

Worst TV Weddings

Sure, the old traditions are nice — something old, new, borrowed and blue — but making this list of TV weddings requires only one element: something awful.

In honor of Friday’s Vampire Diaries wedding — which, given that one of its main purposes is to lure the Queen of Hell out of hiding, is likely to end in catastrophe — TVLine is looking back at some of our favorite small-screen ceremonies that went down in flames. (Sometimes literally.)

From Game of Thrones‘ infamous “Red Wedding” to Dynasty‘s “Maldovian Massacre” cliffhanger, our list spans 48 years of television history.

Browse our gallery of nightmare nuptials — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your thoughts below: Which disastrous weddings would you add o our list?

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