TV's Worst Show Titles: Cougar Town, Kevin (Probably), Rise, Trophy Wife, Manimal, Shasta McNasty and More

worst tv show titles

Sometimes you land on the perfect TV show title (think Friends, Cheers, Revenge). Other times, you land on Cougar Town. Or worse, Shasta McNasty.

We here at TVLine have championed many a show with titles that simply don’t do them justice — titles so bad that they befuddle, irritate or potentially alienate viewers altogether. There have been good shows hurt by names both odd (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Terriers) and misrepresentative (Trophy Wife). Other shows are hurt by woefully generic monikers (Complications, Rise).

Some titles are bad enough to sink a TV show altogether, as the producers behind many of the following one-and-done series can tell you. And so, after much debate (and some controversial cuts), we’ve compiled the accompanying gallery, narrowing it down to what we believe are 30 of the worst TV show titles of all time.

The following selection includes series both universally praised and panned, as well as series known only by tacky (or completely made-up) abbreviations. You’ll also find not one, but two of TVLine’s former #PeakTV Treasures.

Scroll through the attached slideshow — or click here for direct access — to view our picks, then hit the comments to tell us whether you think we omitted any “gems.”