TV's Worst Series Finales of All Time, Ranked: Seinfeld, Dexter, Shameless, The 100, Gossip Girl, HIMYM and More

Worst TV Series finales

Sometimes good series not only go bad, they do so at the worst of all possible times — as in, right when they’re coming to an end. As a result, instead of leaving us reflecting fondly on a show that we’ve loved and lost, we’re stuck with an unpleasant aftertaste and a nagging question: It wasn’t always this crummy, was it?

The answer, thank the TV gods, is generally no, our favorite programs didn’t always reek. But that doesn’t diminish the “Ugh!” of a debatably lousy series finale.

With the Dexter “revival” arriving this November (a chance to right a series-ending wrong if we ever saw one!), TVLine deemed it time to update our ranking of TV’s Worst Series Finales Ever. In the two-plus years since we first ranked the worst of the worst, another 30+ scripted series came to an end, including The 100, Criminal Minds, Wynonna Earp, The Haves and the Have Nots, Bosch, Shameless, Younger, Good Witch and Blindspot.

Did any of those new grand finales earn a spot on this list of the unfortunate? Spoiler alert: THREE of ’em did, landing at Nos. 7, 11 and 12.

Which series finale topped our list as the worst of the worst? To find out, flip through the gallery above (click here for direct access). And then hit the comments to tell us: Was any final episode lousier than the ones that we included?

COMING LATER THIS SUMMER: TVLine’s update to the best series finales of all time!

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