13 Most Ridiculous TV Fat Suits From Insatiable, Friends, PLL and More

Insatiable Fat Suit Debby Ryan

Warning: What you’re about to see is not tasteful.

With the first season of Netflix’s Insatiable stirring up so much controversy this weekend — the show has been accused of fat-shaming, among many other grievances — Team TVLine got to thinking: Which other shows have stuffed their main characters into ludicrous-looking fat suits?

There are the obvious ones, like Monica on Friends and Schmidt on New Girl, but they aren’t alone. Who could forget the fake pounds Mad Men packed on January Jones in Season 5? Or the crafty pillow-in-a-shirt technique employed by the likes of Once Upon a Time‘s Captain Hook (one version of him, anyway) or that time the Full House girls imagined their uncle Joey with an extra pillow of his own?

We even dug up Amy Adams’ oh-so-memorable appearance on The WB’s Smallville, in which she played a meta human who could absorb other people’s fat. You know, high school problems.

Browse our gallery of ridiculous-looking fat suits — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your personal favorite (or least favorite, however we’re judging these).

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