TV's Worst Couples: 30 Pairs We Wish We Could Forget This Valentine's Day

Worst TV Couples

For most people, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love in all its many forms — but where’s the fun in that?

This year, TVLine is throwing a little anti-Valentine’s Day party, looking back at all the TV couples who — for various reasons, as you’ll see — just didn’t work in our eyes.

From Glee‘s Sam and Rachel (what?) to Friends‘ Joey and Rachel (double what?!), we’re getting really honest about 30 of TV’s most controversial couplings — including some that don’t involve anyone named Rachel.

Keep in mind: These aren’t necessarily “toxic” twosomes, but rather couples that were paired together in the hopes of chemistry, only to come up embarrassingly short.

Browse our gallery of poor pairings — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment below. Do you disagree with any of our picks? And which couples would you throw into the mix?

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