The Best of the Decade

TVLine's Decade in Review: The 13 Worst Series Finales, From Entourage and Dexter to House of Cards

Worst TV Shows of the Decade

There’s a lot on the line when any TV series airs its final episode ever. Make a few questionable creative choices, or dare to leave those characters without some closure on their storylines, and the social media pitchforks come out with alarming speed.

But as much as we sympathize with the showrunners trying to craft satisfying endings, we’ve gotta call a spade a spade: Some of this past decade’s series finales just weren’t good. And as TVLine’s Decade in Review continues, we’re looking back on 13 episodes that left much to be desired (having already unveiled our list of the decade’s best finales, that is).

Of course, not all bad TV episodes are created equal. Some of these finales made our list for puzzling plot twists (wait, Gossip Girl is who?!), while others disappointed us with hasty attempts to tie up loose ends before saying goodbye. Regardless, each of these conclusions landed with an unsatisfying thud, leaving an unfortunate asterisk on their pop culture legacies.

Scroll through the attached gallery — or click here for direct access — to see the unlucky 13 finales on our list, then drop a comment with the series enders that left you unsatisfied.

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