Every Veronica Mars Episode, Worst to Best, Plus Some Key Info to Prep You For the Movie

OK, Marshmallows, it’s go time.

The Veronica Mars movie hits theaters and Kickstarter donors’ inboxes Friday. To stoke your Pirate pride before you see the film — or before you see it for the second, third, 15th time — TVLine has compiled the ultimate list of every episode, ranked from least awesome to most mindblowing.

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But then, because we’re just as obsessive about the petite P.I. and her pals as you are, we added a list of what’s notable about each episode. Think of it as a micro-recap to get you ready for your trip back to Neptune.

We know you’re likely to disagree with some of our choices, but be cool, Backup. That’s what the comments section is for. So click through the gallery and weigh in!

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