Top TV Vampires From Buffy, TVD, Moonlight, True Blood and More

TV Vampires Best Worst

Get ready to sink your teeth into 50 years of hedonistic history.

Because we at TVLine have always felt that Halloween should be a month-long affair, we’re spending every Saturday in October saluting our favorite small-screen creatures that go bump in the night — or, in the case of this week’s category, bump-and-grind in the night. That’s right, we’re talking about vampires.

From those stone-cold smolderers from The Vampire Diaries and True Blood to more classic bloodsuckers — including a certain felt-skinned member of the undead community — we rounded up TV’s top 25 fangers for your voting pleasure (arranged in chronological order because knowledge is power).

Browse our gallery of iconic vamps below, then vote for your favorite.

UPDATE (Oct. 9): After more than 30,000 votes, Buffy‘s Spike has emerged the victor with 16 percent. Buffy‘s Angel claimed the No. 2 spot with 11 percent, while True Blood‘s Eric and The Vampire Diaries‘ Damon are next with 8 percent each.