TV's Steamiest Sex: Watch Pulse-Raising OITNB, Scandal and Thrones Scenes (*If Your Boss Isn't Looking)

Heat waves are baring down on both the east and west coasts this week — but instead of pushing our exhausted air-conditioning unit to the breaking point, we’re waving the white flag and giving in to the swelter of it all.

That’s right — Team TVLine is contributing to record high temps by recollecting the 26 steamiest, sweatiest, blush-inducingest sex scenes ever to grace our TV screens. Don’t come here looking for flowery declarations of love and Victorian-era wrist-grazing. To paraphrase a really terrible Limp Bizkit song, we did it (aka this photo gallery) for the nookie.

From Orange Is the New Black hate sex to a Scandal hookup that made us never want to come out of the closet, these scenes are scorchingly bad — and that’s goooood (yes, with five O’s, if we’re not being too subtle).

Check out the pics and video links below — or click here for direct access — then tell us how you feel about our picks, and any good’uns we might’ve missed!